Tips for a Wedding That You Can Be Proud Of

Tips for a Wedding That You Can Be Proud Of

Every little girl dreams about her wedding day and has her perfect day mapped out in her head. Even when your guests are finding gifts to bring you and more it’s certainly a dream. Especially if those are personalized wedding gifts. Whether you want to go the traditional route and get married in a church, or under the trees, in the mountains or on the beach. There are a few things that you need to remember to make sure your perfect day goes exactly as planned.

Planning the beach wedding in your head is a lot different than planning it in real life and there are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration.

Choose your beach

Most beaches are open to the public and let’s face it strangers standing around watching the proceedings will not be ideal. Try to find a secluded beach or a private property with beach access that would be willing to let you use the space for your wedding. Remember to keep the guest list as small as possible 50 to 80 people. You will also need somewhere for the bride to get ready and to act as a home base. A private property with beach access would be ideal.

Permits and permissions

Just because you have chosen to get married on the beach doesn’t mean that you don’t need permits and ordinances. You will need to check with the relevant authorities if you need a beach permit. Most beaches prohibit alcohol from being served so you will need to take this into consideration and get any necessary permits or permissions you may need.

Finding the perfect dress

The dress you chose as a bride is extremely important not only should you look amazing in it but you should be able to move easily and be comfortable enough to pose for pictures and walk down to aisle to marry the man of your dreams. When getting married on the beach you usually picture a gorgeous bride with her dress blowing in the wind as she says I do. To get this effect choose a light breezy material such as chiffon or carmeuse to get the most out of that ocean breeze. Think about using flowers in your hair instead of the traditional veil. If you have your heart set on wearing a veil make sure that it isn’t too long because if the wind gets a bit out of hand it can turn into a nightmare to handle.

The perfect shoe

Beach weddings and high heel shoes do not mix well together. No one wants to watch the bride or bridesmaids struggle up the aisle or get stuck in the sand. Instead opt for sandals or beaded footless shoes. Remember if you opt for no shoes or shoes without soles that the sand can get very hot. It is advisable to use an aisle runner so that no one’s feet get burnt.

Prepare the guests

Make sure your guests are aware that the wedding will be on beach and to dress accordingly. It’s advisable to have small bottles of sunscreen and bottled water available as well as sunglasses. Setting up shoe station where guests can exchange their shoes and flip flops is also a great idea. Make sure there is enough shade available as well as sufficient seating.

Have the backup plan

Make sure that you have the backup plan in case it rains. You will also need to decide if the reception will be on the beach or a traditional reception hall.

Once everything comes together it will be a very special day for you.