Destination Wedding Plans from San Francisco to Santorini

Destination weddings are the best! A vacation and a wedding… yes, please! Especially as we head into the cooler months of the year planning a destination wedding to a warmer local should be well received by those chosen to attend.

Destination weddings whether small elopements or family vacations require a ton of planning and attention to detail, but a great tip on how to execute those plans perfectly is to make your destination more of a theme. This way, planning something fresh and new for each festivity leading up to the wedding or putting too much time into ensuring each detail of the décor fits just right won’t be necessary. Instead, you’ll know easily whether or not it does.

Keeping it uniform is the way to go if you’re planning a destination wedding. The theme may be the location, the weather, or the culture. And here’s how to pull it off.


Location is a straightforward theme especially when planning a destination wedding. Use famous landmarks to spice up your invitations and reception décor. Heading to San Fran – customize a festive golden gate bridge wedding invitation.

Escaping to the mountains or the woods – incorporate geode and agate décor items or rustic twine and bare branches for your tablescapes and floral arrangements.


When you think destination wedding you usually think warm weather and sunshine, right? But that doesn’t always ring true. No matter what the weather will be wherever you’re off to get hitched, playing off of that is an easy theme to go with. This is an idea you can get super creative with and even a bit silly. Make your favors something your guests will use like beach towels and sunscreen or an umbrella and a scarf. Make sure your menu compliments the weather well – keeping your guests refreshed in the warmth or cozy in the cold is key!


Incorporating the local culture into your destination wedding is a great theme and it’s cool and unexpected. Adding an extra authentic touch to your themed destination wedding is the stuff of pros! Decorate using the culture’s colors – taking inspiration from the state, country, or regions flag. Serve up local dishes and a custom cocktail that represents the culture’s agriculture and cuisine. Music is another way to incorporate this trend and spice up the dance floor even more.

Three simple ways to make your themed destination wedding one to remember!