Basic Tips for a Beach Wedding

Weddings are very exhilarating affairs; the mere thought of one gets most people rather giddy. While a classic traditional chapel nuptial sounds pleasant enough, you may want to take it a notch higher for even more excitement. You’re thinking, a beach wedding maybe? Oh yes. Picturesque ocean backdrop, white sandy beaches, a cool pleasant breeze all through; what’s not to love?

Basic Tips for a Beach Wedding

The thing about beach weddings is that the mere simplicity of their organisation comes as a shock to many. Sure there might be a few ups and downs but what wedding lacks those? However, planning for a perfect, smooth event on the beach comes with its fair share of predicaments. With that said, here are a few tips should ease your walk down to that perfect oceanfront wedding.


There’s one thing you should know when scouting for the most suitable location; beaches vary from coast to coast. From the weather, the regulations to just the general mood, no two beaches are the same. Before settling on the space, scan through your guest list, you budget and of course, your intended program for the wedding.

When it comes to permits, you may not need any for a small, simple gathering. However, if your guest list is considerably large, check in with the regulations to avoid any mishaps. Additional activities such as bonfires and outdoor bars may also need permits.

The weather is another essential consideration here. Tropical climate is as unpredictable as it is lovely. Settle on a location with a stable pleasant weather pattern that fits right in with all your other plans.


Beach weddings allow you privilege of keeping it subtle and simple. And let’s face it, beaches can get pretty heated up. A heavy ballroom wedding gown will only get your way. Surely no bride wants to be sticky and sweaty on their wedding day. Seeing as much, something buoyant and fluffy would be best. Go for light fabrics such as chiffon, lace or silk; save yourself from becoming a hot mess. For the groom, simple beach wear fabrics would be perfect and light enough to keep off the heat.

When it comes to foot wear, ditching your heels is a very good idea. Sandals or wedges are a better choice since they won’t sink in sand. Or, if you don’t mind, just go barefoot! There’s no feeling like having the sand between your toes.


If you intend on breezing through the entire affair, don’t forget to tag your guests along with you. Ensure they all remember to keep their clothes light; maybe throw in some hats and sunglasses.

Additionally, be sure to guide your guest right to the set up space. Use some fun splashy beach wedding signs keep them on the right track.


From the scouting process, to the booking and finally the actual time to have the wedding, strain to keep the timing right.

Start planning early enough to get yourself enough time to scout, book and deal with any permit requirements that may pop up. The last minute rush can get chaotic and you may find yourself leaving out the most basic of details.
Another important time factor is the time of day you intended to hold the event. Like mentioned above, beaches are very hot places. Flowers, as well as some people can’t handle too much heat. Why not have a sunset wedding? Sunsets are still bright enough to run things without additional lighting and cheerfully cool.


This cannot be stressed enough. Mother nature does what she wants to when she wants to. You can never be too sure about the weather in the tropics. Have a back plan in case things don’t play out as planned. A tent is always a great choice; maybe book some indoor hotel space. There’s no telling what could happen. It’s advisable to always be prepared for the worst.