4 Tips For Buying Your Vintage Engagement Ring

Buying a vintage engagement ring is a very different than buying a ring that’s never been worn. Instead of focusing only on the look and feel of the ring, you get to think about its history. Here are four tips for buying vintage sapphire engagement rings.

Buy “Authentic Vintage”

Authentic vintage means that the jewelry has know origins, backed up by evidence. The ring was truly created during a certain period, rather than being created “in the style of” a certain period.

Know Your Gems

Learning about what makes certain gemstones valuable. With many gems, including sapphires, the “four c’s “ apply. The color, cut, clarity and carat weight all play a part in determining the quality of the gem. When you shop for a vintage ring, you want to be able to look at the gemstone with a discerning eye.

Look for Intense Colors

Diamonds are known for their lack of color. However, with many gems used in antique rings, the color is what makes the ring so gorgeous. When choosing a vintage ring with a colored gem, like a sapphire, there are a few things to consider.

Look at the saturation of the color — meaning how much color is present. The richer, deeper, and more vibrant gems are often more desirable than stones with only a hint of color. Note the hue of the stone. Is it made with one color, or are there more than one colors visible in the stone? Some sapphires are blue green for example, while others are purely blue.

Don’t Ignore the Setting

The setting of your ring will secure the gemstone in place, and will also add decorative design elements to the piece. When shopping for an antique ring, examine the setting for faults, damage, or wear. A bent or fractured setting might not seem like a big deal at first, but overtime the instability might become worse and make the ring unwearable.

Because a vintage ring was created decades or centuries in the past, the buying process can be complex. Remember to buy authentic vintage, not copies. Learn about gems so that you can evaluate the quality of a gem, and pay special attention to rings that feature stones in vibrant, intense colors. Don’t forget about the setting! Though it may seem secondary to the stone, it is important because it adds a decorative element and keeps the stone from falling out.